You will receive a FREE Sports Performance Evaluation with one of our Sports Performance Coaches and he/she will then create a personalized program specific to your goals.

These sessions last one (1) hour but could go over depending on whether or not the coach feels we have reached our training goal for the day.

We have two different types of one on one packages. 1. One on one "Strictly Private" & 2. One on one "Open Private". 

Strictly Private: This session is exclusively tailored to you, and you alone. You will schedule weekly with your trainer specific times that fit YOUR schedule. 

Open Private: This session is similar to "Strictly Private" but if the trainer feels that your goal and/or needs assessment is similar to another athletes, he/she can partner you both up in the session. The majority of the time you will be in a strictly one on one atmosphere. (Sessions are capped at 3 athletes).

The sessions may include:

1. Speed Training

2. Strength Training

3. Agility Training

4. Corrective Exercise

5. Rehabilitation

6. Plyometrics and Explosive Movements

7. Metabolic Circuit Training

8. Sports Specific Skill Training

REMEMBER: The best thing about this package is that it is 100% tailored to the athletes needs and is scheduled around the athletes busy life. The sessions don't expire until 6 months after the payment is processed.

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