NFL Pre-Draft/Combine Prep

At PER4ORM, we understand that collegiate football players have 4 years to create a resume filled with accolades and accomplishments to get noticed by NFL scouts and Teams. However, this does not guarantee them a job in the NFL. They must prepare for the biggest interview of their life; The NFL Combine or their NFL Pro-Day.

The Program

Our program consists of 10 weeks of preparation, and then additional weeks depending on the date of the athletes Pro-Day. 

On the first day, the athletes will meet with our Physical Therapist, Dr. Aracelly Latino-Feliz, and take part in a full orthopedic evaluation. This evaluation will tell Dr. Ara about the athletes body, where they are deficient, and what paths we need to take to ensure that we get their body to 100%. You must understand that these athletes just played a full length season, and their bodies are going to be in rough shape. By just pin-pointing these deficiencies, Dr. Ara can develop personalized programs for each athlete that they can do daily, as well as weekly one-on-one sessions for manual therapy.

Once these athletes have finished their full orthopedic evaluation, they will begin their testing. The test are as follows;

1. Broad Jump

2. Vertical Jump

3. 225 Bench Test

4. 40 Yard dash

5. Pro-Agility 

6. L-Drill

7. 60 Yard Shuttle

Once all data has been recorded the athletes will receive their weekly itinerary and will be informed thoroughly about the designed program. A typical weekly itinerary is attached below. 

Over the next 10 weeks, the athletes will develop speed, strength and explosiveness, and will develop their skills at their chosen position. The program is designed for the athletes to peak at just the right time (their prospective Combine or Pro-Day). 

The team

Nick Hicks, Speed & Testing Technique Prep - 5 Years Pre-Draft Training Experience

Zac Cardone, Strength & Resistance Training - 5 Years Pre-Draft Training Experience 

Wes Carroll, QB's, WR's, TE's & RB's - 5 Years Pre-Draft Training Experience

Stanford Samuels III, DB's, & LB's - 3 years Pre-Draft Training Experience

Chris Mosley, OL & DL - 3 Years Pre-Draft Training Experience, 5 years coaching in the NFL

Dr. Aracelly Latino-Feliz, Physical Therapy & Movement Training - 12 Years of Experience

EXN Nutrition, Sports Supplementation

Eat Clean, Daily Meal Prep & Juice Service