Group Training (5+)

We have many different types of Group Training:

1. Elite - 4 Days/Week Group - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

This group is for our advanced athletes and it runs seasonal (College Football in the Summer). The sessions are 2 hours per day (1 Hour of Speed/Agility/Endurance & 1 Hour of  Resistance/Strength Training)

2. Speed Training - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday @ 5-6pm

This group focuses on Speed and Agility. The session is 1 hour long and consists of Foundational Speed (Acceleration + Top End Speed, Agility & Change of Direction. 

3. Strength Training - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday @ 6-7pm

This group focuses on Resistance Training. The session is 1 hour long and consists of 8 week Programs that change throughout the training year. We also modify sessions depending on where the program is, and when the client joins the group. 

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